Kinion Monitor Barn

Location: Woodside, CA


Set on a beautiful property in Woodside, California, this horse barn was customized to meet the owners’ exact needs. The 36′ x 36′ barn holds four horse stalls with unique galvanized stall fronts with wood fill and a wash stall, each with a Dutch door leading to a covered turnout. A 12′ x 12′ portion of one shed roof is enclosed to create a 12′ x 24′ tack and storage space.

Monitor Style Barn

This Monitor-style horse barn with a raised center aisle has that classic barn look and feel. With its extended pitch roof, rich wood siding and beautiful loft doors, this barn stands out on what was already a gorgeous property in Woodside, California. The Monitor-style design allows this barn to be exceptionally functional, with a raised center aisle from which to work and observe your horses. In addition to extra workspace, the center aisle also allows for more windows, providing better ventilation and natural light for a more comfortable barn experience.

Designed In The Classic American Style


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