A custom home and riding area will make your property the envy of all your neighbors.

Iowa Barn Builders

Specialty building has grown as a skill set in the past few years. More and more customers are requesting buildings that fit their region, climate, and specific ideals than ever before. With so many builders being requisitioned to build specialty buildings, it is important that builders are capable of creating such pieces of architecture. As a barn builder in Iowa, DC Builders is a company that is capable, willing, and ready to create the structure of your dreams that fits your needs and the area in which you live.

DC Builders specializes in designing and building your perfect barn. We are a nationwide contractor, with experience throughout the United States. We know how to use your land to the best of its ability, and make your dream come true.


Newnan, Georgia

This Southern barn home boasts a stunning open concept kitchen and living space. You would never know horses live downstairs!

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This barn home in Burlington, North Carolina is a great addition to the client's property.

Burlington, North Carolina

The living space stays on the ground level, with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen directly across from the horse stalls in this barn home.

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This barn with living quarters in Laramie, Wyoming was custom built by DC Builders.

Laramie, Wyoming

This Wyoming barn apartment is completely self sufficient. With solar panels and a septic system, the owner and his horses live completely off the grid!

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About Iowa


Iowa, more commonly known as “America’s Heartland” is a centrally located state that has mild to moderate climate. Winters are neither overly harsh or overly mild meaning that depending on global climates, winters can either be hard and cold or somewhat milder. Iowa was once limited to corn and other agricultural fare but as the country has grown, so has the economy and structure of Iowa. The state has evolved to include information technology, commerce, and other diversified infrastructure. Due to the moderate climate of Iowa and the greatly diversified geography, it takes a large skill set to be able to create a building that fits any area in the state. This state has both plains and mountains and as such presents an interesting challenge to anyone working to build in the state.

Iowa Attractions


The Academy of Wildlife Education, Adventureland Camp Ground, and the A.H. Blank Golf Course are just some of the fantastic attractions that the state has to offer. The Academy of Wildlife Education not only tells visitors about the local wildlife of the region but also of other areas around the country. Adventurland Camp Ground is fun for the entire family with great camp sites, fantastic fishing and outdoor activities and more. The A.H. Blank Golf Course is a way for adults to take time out and relax. The golf course has fantastic scenes, a great place to spend the day, tons of fun for adults and kids alike, and is an all around wonderful way to unwind after a great day of sightseeing or camping out


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