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Louisiana is an incredibly lush state, but from humid air to marshy land, Louisiana can be a builder’s nightmare. With huge waves and hurricanes, tides that can wash buildings away quickly and easily, and air that can erode and mold a building in mere months, it takes a special person to be able to build successfully in Louisiana. DC Builders is a company that has years of experience and knows how to work around quickly changing weather patterns, waves and humidity that can erode buildings, and marshy land that can suck buildings down in an instant.

As a barn builder in Louisiana, we not only offer our expert building services, but we also are a full service general contractor, with a in-house design team, and on site project supervision. We offer a simple, seamless, turnkey process. From the initial design to the finished building. DC Builders can assist you with any needs you have as a Louisiana barn builder.


Raleigh, North Carolina

This horse barn features custom European stall fronts, two custom breezeway doors and a timeless look!

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This stunning barn home in Newnan, Georgia was custom designed and built by DC Builders.

Newnan, Georgia

This Southern barn home boasts a stunning open concept kitchen and living space. You would never know horses live downstairs!

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This custom barn home was built by DC Builders in Burlington, North Carolina.

Burlington, North Carolina

The living space stays on the ground level, with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen directly across from the horse stalls in this barn home.

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About Louisiana


Louisiana originally belonged to the French. Prior to the Louisiana purchase the area was under exclusive French control with the main language being French. Napoleon held on to the area for as long as he could muster, with intentions of using it to grow food for his colonies in the country of Haiti, when the crops would not grow and France entered into a civil war, funds were needed. Napoleon quickly sold of his territory in the new world and focused his efforts and money on squashing revolts in Haiti and war efforts at home.

Louisiana Attractions


Louisiana is known for the French Quarter, Mardi Gras, and the various plantations, the state is sure to amaze. The French Quarter offers visitors a look into the past and the great heritage of the state. The French Quarter has been restored to nearly new after the hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding and damage that the coast has taken due to tropical storms. The area is rich in both French and Cajun history and is perfect for a day or a night out. During February Mardi Gras is a great for those of legal age to spend the day seeing the sights and taking in the spectacle. For those that want something a bit more subdued, plantation tours are open to the public and are a great way to learn about the southern history of the state and the heritage that made it once great and powerful during the slave era before the outbreak of the civil war and the abolishment of slavery.


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