This horse barn in San Martin, California was custom built and designed by DC Builders.

Mississippi Barn Builders

Harsh coastal weather is a huge deterrent for many builders and a challenge that many cannot face. With the right information, determination, and skill, builders can create breathtaking and substantial structures that can withstand any tropical storm. DC Builders is a company that is dedicated to creating the finest structures around that can withstand the individual climates of the state and region in which they are built. With our simple, seamless, turnkey process, from the design to the finished product, DC Builders is the best choice you can make as your Mississippi design and construction partner.

DC Builders offers custom design, framing and installation, and timber frame and post and beam services for clients in Mississippi and nationwide. We’ve designed countless heavy timber, hybrid, and conventionally framed structures across the nation and can easily create the perfect barn for your location, budget, and needs. Our designers will collaborate with you to create custom design plans based on your ideas. While we don’t offer general contracting services to clients outside the West Coast, we offer a robust builder network comprised of vetted general contractors nationwide who can serve you and your family.


Explore DC Structures’ Line of Barn and Barn Home Kits

If you’re looking for a pre-designed building model, our sister company DC Structures offers dozens of pre-engineered barn and barn home kits that you can customize with hundreds of premium options and upgrades. DC Structures ships complete design and materials packages anywhere in the U.S., making it easy for you to jumpstart your construction as soon as your package arrives on your job site. Our framing and installation services are also available to clients across the nation, so you can take advantage of our framing expertise no matter where you live.

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This custom car barn in Fillmore, California was custom built by DC Builders.

Fillmore, California

This California barn is being used as car and mechanical storage, as well as a workshop and entertainment space.

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Fairplay, Colorado

This beautiful custom barn in Colorado features four horse stalls a tack room and workshop with 1,700 sq. ft. of living space above.

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This barn with living quarters in Laramie, Wyoming was custom built by DC Builders.

Laramie, Wyoming

This Wyoming apartment barn is completely self sufficient. With solar panels and a septic system this barn owner lives off the grid!

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About Mississippi


Mississippi is a southern coastal state, which means that the summers are hot and humid with temperatures easily reaching the upper 90s and even into the 100s. Being coastal also means that warm air that has been moistened by the Gulf of Mexico makes the air very thick and wet, which means that buildings that are not properly built can quickly deteriorate and fail. Also, the coastal nature of the state makes it susceptible to tropical storms, hurricanes, and large amounts of rain that tend to make the soil marshy and wet.

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