This custom barn home was built by DC Builders in Laramie, Wyoming.

North Dakota Barn Builders

North Dakota is known for brutal winters and warm summers. As one of the plains states, it is mostly flat and offers excellent opportunities for ranchers who choose to make their homes there. DC Builders knows the unpredictable aspects of the weather and take that into effect with each new structure they create. It is our job to build a barn or structure that can withstand the test of time in relation to hard North Dakota weather.


Daggett, Michigan

This 60′ x 64′ post and beam structure features a heavy-duty main level with five garage doors for heavy equipment access and storage.

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Post and Beam Garage With Living Quarters in Bend, Oregon

Bend, Oregon

This gorgeous apartment barn has an elevated bottom level to accommodate RV storage and an open concept living area on the second floor.

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Raleigh, North Carolina

This horse barn features custom European stall fronts, two custom breezeway doors and a timeless look!

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About North Dakota


North Dakota agriculture industry includes the growth of many different types of crops. Flax, wheat, barley and oats are just a few of the major crops harvested in the state. Livestock is also a popular agricultural find in the state. Other areas of the state are known for mining ignite and soft coal. The state is agriculturally rich in both practice and heritage.

The barns DC Builders create are designed to enhance the rich heritage and farm lands that surround each structure. Each barn is designed to accommodate each rancher’s individual and personalized needs. It is the goal of the designers to build a come up with a design that is versatile and functional no matter crop or agricultural product is being produced at the time.

Individuals can travel throughout the countryside and admire many of the structures that have endured over the last 150 years as well as new structures that bring an added touch of modern technology and style. For individuals interested in history, they can follow the path Lewis and Clark took as they traversed the state making their way to the west coast. There are several other historic aspects of the state, including several Indian reservations. Museums can be found throughout the area that tell the tale of how the west was actually won and what historic events took place within the state.


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