Post-and-Beam Structures: What We’re Made Of

Post-and-beam structures are timeless investments that last for generations. It’s hard to entertain this idea during a time when composite material engineered to increase buying power dominates the builder’s market.

What makes timber frame buildings economical is their longevity. A properly treated wood post-and-beam structure can last decades, if not centuries. The Temple of the Flourishing Law in Japan’s Nara Prefecture region has withstood 1,400 years worth of earthquakes, rain, wind and even fire.

Timber ladened structures are typically only a quarter of the weight when compared to a concrete reinforced structure. According to some studies, wood material can also reduce their carbon footprint by 60-75 percent.

Recent years have conceived advanced leaps in engineered wood. Cross laminated timber (CLT) made from layers of timber sections glued together with grains at right angles to one another can be just as robust as concrete.

A firm of architects at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill teamed up with the folks at Oregon State University, to demonstrate just how durable CLT engineered wood can be. After attacking the floor with a powerful hydraulic press, they discovered it had a load tolerance of 82,000 pounds, which was eight times more than what it was designed to support.

Not all projects come standard with CLT. Only the largest and most structurally dynamic buildings require such reinforcement. That said, the majority of our arenas come standard with CLT integrated within its timber frame construction. Oregon post-and-beam structures, like the this one in Bend, have been the only exception thus far.

Don’t be shy to voice any concerns when it comes to the structural integrity of your post-and-beam home. The in-house design team would be happy to include these features into your barn home or barn event plans. Get a free quote today, find out just how gutsy we can make your structure.



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