Equestrian Facilities for your Horse Boarding Business

Equestrian enthusiasts love taking care of their horses. In fact, most would make it their full time responsibility if they could. That’s why many horse owners consider the possibility of a boarding business—it’s a fantastic way to spend time with horses and turn unused space on your property into a profitable hobby-turned-business that you can enjoy. Before you gallop too far down the road of opening a boarding business, however, you should consider whether your current barn or equestrian facility is up to the task.

Remember, horses are massive animals that require plenty of space, food and attention to be cared for properly. If you already take care of your own horses, you have a head start on what it is you’ll need to scale up. That said, it’s imperative you are properly equipped to care of other people’s horses. That means more stables, more storage space for hay and equipment, and more space designed for the horses to ride and play in any weather

DC Builders has designed and built a number of equestrian facilities across the U.S., meaning we know exactly what it takes to start with a business idea and turn it into concrete and wooden plans for your future. Additionally, our partner company DC Structures offers arena and stable kits in various sizes that can be easily adapted to suit your business needs. One kit in particular—the DC Structures Canyon stables and arena kit—is a popular option for people looking to get a start in the horse boarding industry.

With plenty of stables for storing upwards of a dozen horses, indoor and outdoor holding spaces, a tack room, a wash stall, a large covered riding arena and two garages for storing hay and equipment, the Canyon stables and arena kit has absolutely everything you need to ensure your business is ready for boarding. It’s the type of structure that will impress clients and let them know that you can be trusted to care for their animals.

For an example of what a completed boarding facility can be, take a look at this gorgeous arena with caretaker’s quarters that DC Builders built in Oregon City. This property has been completely transformed, with both a hay barn and compost system being added in addition to the riding arena and stables. There’s even a one bedroom apartment built into the arena, providing an efficient and comfortable home for the resident caregiver.

If you’re serious about turning your hobby of caring for horses into a legitimate business, then a consideration of upgrades to you buildings and properties is a must. Nothing says professional boarding like a facility designed and built by DC. Request a quote today and wow future clients at first sight.


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